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Here it is again! I fixed some things in the Cybernoid-song. Check it out! ;D
|Link down here

I remixed the Cybernoid's music!
Cybernoid is an old video game on C64, and it has an awesome music.
Please listen it, rate it, and feel free to write me a review. Especially if you gave me a bad rate!
Here it is:

Anthem for the Gold Sword tribe.

2009-03-16 11:57:27 by BIGraw

I'm very proud of this one. :)
Check it out:
Anthem of Gold Sword

If you like Halo in any form, please listen my new song which is a remix of the popular Halo-music! :D
Listen and rate it fairly! :) (click here!)
Have a good time! :)

Halo-music-remake by me. Check it out. You won't regret it! ;D

Warriors of Nareth

2008-12-02 15:28:04 by BIGraw

HI everyone! (-by every...thing...uh-oh)
I'm working on a sci-fi RPG game, and I already uploaded a few of it's musices. Please listen, and rate them (and I need comments of course). This project is still far from finish (means: just started), so I can take a lot of advices ;). Who knows, maybe your idea will be inside of the main storyline!
I keep my eyes open for your ideas :). LINKS: /191320 /190591

change in working way...

2008-11-23 14:52:35 by BIGraw

I stopped uploading demos. From now, I will upload, the version I have, and just edit it to a newer one (If I will have time, of course). :)

Kick'n hit

2008-11-16 15:55:13 by BIGraw

I just uploaded the longer version of my new song. Here it is: /187673

New two!

2008-10-31 09:18:20 by BIGraw

I made two new music demos... well... that's all.
Please, tell me what do you think about them.

Yeah, It took more than a week to make it, but I finished it(maybe XD).
It is my first music, and far not the last. :)
Please, enjoy yourselfs. :D

2. edition!!!

2008-10-23 18:30:35 by BIGraw

The second edition of the Dark wars (loop) is now available.
I could use some help, tip, respond by review. :D